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 Our Roster.

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Does this alliance kick arse ?
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PostSubject: Our Roster.   Our Roster. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 5:14 am

Guild Leader
    Lain Abul

    Adarr The Righteous
    Last Exiled Samurai
    Sir Roamingwolf
    Souen Angel
    Freyja Thane
    Bestow Beneviolence
    Dexodrill Healer
    One Eye

    Ka Bomb
    Silke Lorien
    Anthony Arrowfinger
    De Rox Or
    Echo Healer
    Kayne The Brave
    Halus The Blind
    Triforc Man
    X Suicide Romance X
    Blademaster Maximus
    Elena Roseberry
    Big Daddy Scruff
    Black Knight Elliot
    Alana Roseberry
    Drek Than
    Fire Missionary
    Vlar Rojo
    Flames Bane
    Kiss This Stuff
    Attila Flamel
    Life Weaver Dex
    || Euan ||
    Logic Twenty One
    Sleep Dark
    Chris Malone
    Hells Green Rebel
    Herculean Hunter
    Tyeone Onme
    X X Big D X X
    Youth Energy
    Booger The Bruiser
    Bowmaster Thaine
    Daris Drazor
    Elum Three
    Grim Is My Master
    Prophetic One
    Random R Gal
    The Foehammerson
    Eldar Shield Surfer
    Hyeil Tungsan
    Rambus Maximus
    Stryda Jaguar
    Arnomir Derlin
    Cayenne Kin
    Daetian Amaos
    Demon Summon
    Eagle Zoxzz
    Elemented Arrow
    Iron Aquas
    Jake Talon
    Justin Nick Of Time
    King Phooee
    Manlady Dead
    Mia Death Bringer
    Phoenix Of Thirteen
    Shindar The Reaver
    Sigma Spartan
    Sleepin Beautiful
    Spring Sonata
    Tara Of Drundar
    Tathlyn Granite
    The God Of Hearts
    The Niicos
    Zerika Shaeldur
    Radioactive Ninjas

As of 19|07|2008.

I've got a fever.. And the only prescription is MORE COWBELL.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Roster.   Our Roster. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 12, 2008 6:12 am

Hey! My name is in there!

Although, as of about two days ago, I am now an Officer.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Roster.   Our Roster. Icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2008 6:13 pm

Which should i pick yes or yes.......imthinking of choosing yess but i also think yes

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PostSubject: Re: Our Roster.   Our Roster. Icon_minitime

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Our Roster.
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