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 bout tle for jon.

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bout tle for jon. Empty
PostSubject: bout tle for jon.   bout tle for jon. Icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2010 1:55 am

K, we have 10guilds in ally.

TLE - Lain
TTGL – George? Don’t know, never spoken with the guild.
DOTW – George? Either above or this one- same bout talking.
HOPE – Invited by myself, hoped them to be active & make ally happy.-barely ever speak.
OBSI – Same as with Hope.
JINN – Thai & Jinn lead it, sc-as of tomorrow(Thursday 25th) sc’s fail.
OHH – Can’t judge, joined while I wasn’t there.- Jon never spoken with ‘em though.
LONE – Never ever spoken with ‘em as far as I remember
LDS – Same as with Lone
FTF – Adam’s guild, Adam being only member? – no active guild

This makes….. 0 guilds a real ally.
Right, now my opinion supported by some facts.(please don’t feel offended)- I’m trying to improve things for us as the Tle family.

TTGL- George quitted was last I heard, not an active guild anyway.- can re-invite George when he gets back active.
DOTW - Would be same.
HOPE - kick
OBSI – kick
JINN – ask Thai & Jinn to rejoin us or make it a [Tle]
OHH - Any relatives there? Perhaps a [tle], can’t tell.
LONE – kick
LDS – Kick
FTF – Kick & have Adam rejoin till reeeaaly active & let him make his own [Tle] guild

Meaning basically the old [TLE] Ally. Because from what I experienced, same for Jon, Koty, Dan, Jordan if I may say so; that worked better, way better.

Then let’s have a look inside the main guild.
We have 1 leader, obviously Lain.
We at this moment have 14! Officers.
Jordan, Dan, Koty, Jon, Wielder, Ali, Yat, Prym, Mars, Rora, Kyle, Lain2(Sam), Me(Cass), Skraemmende.

To be honest, I would like to have a meeting with all. Of course, not all will be there most likely. But we could try too, and inform people that didn’t have the ability to make time/have time.

In this meeting I would like to discuss the [TLE] ally.
And certain guild leaders for guilds inside the ally.

#1 Main TLE. I think we should start here.
- Kick any >1month off. Usually, no ‘speakers’ anyway. If there’s friends out there, add them to your list and ask them to rejoin when they get active.
- Kick anyone ACTIVE too, if we don’t ever speak with them anyway. Or even worse, only when they want/need something. Meaning we will probably kick 70% of the guild.
- Now that we have made this start, ensure our remaining members REMAIN members. And perhaps some officers should become members. E.g. in my opinion Skraemmende, an officer made officer by me at shadows. And came along to main when we forged- he became officer again I noticed. To be honest, a bad call by me. He invites a lot, but those people mainly only do vsf & talk when they need. Not randomly/to give/help. Perhaps have Sam’s acc be member, to reduce the number of officers. We could have Wielder to already start his own guild. I’m quite sure he’ll manage to start off with an own guild, where as I don’t think he as officer will mean a lot. This reduces our number of officers to 11. A more reasonable number to most of the people as I experienced.

Now we have 1 Leader, 11officers, and only ‘willing’ members. In the sense of willing to share equally and willing to help the guild reach it’s ‘level’ again. – perhaps Adam will already come back-12officers.. Jinn&thai should keep their guild and have fun tbh.

We have Wielder start off a TLE wing ally already.
Now we can work on getting Main TLE to >50/75 members again, with the 11 officers we have now.
Week 1: Work on this, have all officers do their part.
Week 2: We’ll still be working on this if we only want the ‘good ones’ ( try & get faction up too)
Week 3: Have first 3 officers leave and start new TLE wings. A suggestion: Jon, Prym, Rora.
Week 4: Keep the members up, perhaps exchange some officers throughout the guilds to recruit. Have all 3 TLE WINGS get nice & at least 30members.
Week 5 : We’ll probably still be working on this.
By now, I hope Lain has had a good chance to look at the members, same for the officers who’re still in guild. And appoint some members to new officers, and allow officer by officer( the old ones ) to start a TLE wing. Not all though. But would be best if every new guild leader had at least 1 old officer with him/her.(the first starters as above mentioned will already gain daily fresh officers from main, who will retreat to main again after a couple of days) but the new ones should start & stay together.
I think some nice combo’s would be:

Leaders: helping officers:
Lain Dan
Jon Jordan
Prym Mars
Rora Ali
Wielder Yat
Kyle Adam(if he get back active)-otherwise stick with main tle perhaps?
Koty Cass

Perhaps Step Shadow(just remembered) dotw I believe, could make a [TLE] to from his guild at the moment.


Thanks you,


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bout tle for jon. Empty
PostSubject: Re: bout tle for jon.   bout tle for jon. Icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2010 2:26 am

Great post, all TLE personnel should read this.
And the ingame officer meeting totally needs to happen.

I've got a fever.. And the only prescription is MORE COWBELL.
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PostSubject: Re: bout tle for jon.   bout tle for jon. Icon_minitimeSat May 15, 2010 11:01 pm

Well, since I don't speak to most of you nemore.

Gl all, have fun. For me, fun's gone mostly.
Just vanquishing once a while with jordan, having fun with Dan&Koty.

Take care guys. And Lain, I hope you somehow pull urself together and start enjoying things instead of ignoring things. All the best to the old Lain.

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bout tle for jon. Empty
PostSubject: Re: bout tle for jon.   bout tle for jon. Icon_minitime

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bout tle for jon.
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