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 The Great Fissure

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PostSubject: The Great Fissure   The Great Fissure Icon_minitimeTue Dec 09, 2008 4:38 am

ok i did fow with prym dan and freyja and we got to 7/11 quests before we got owned by a mob so ya why couldent we get to the shadow lord if we killed all the gaurdian guys outside his building and also tell me how this sounds i am a perma so i wana stop the wurms and the mobs by just russhing around to the wurms in the middle and disrupting them everytime they try to hit the rest of the party but that also takes me outa the fight so idk if it would work so does that sound good to any one but me or and i m just daydreaming to much in math class( lol! )
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The Great Fissure
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